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ABC of Intensive Care

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ABC of Intensive Care


Anatomy: A Regional Atlas of the Human Body, 6th ed. 2011

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Anatomy A Regional Atlas of the Human Body
Carmine D. Clemente
The Sixth Edition of Clemente's Anatomy features over 1,000 bright, realistically detailed full-color illustrations, plus a wealth of accompanying diagnostic images and numerous muscle tables. This classically organized regional atlas is based on the strikingly colorful, yet realistic illustrations of the world-renowned Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy.
This edition includes new plates on the brachial plexus and on nerves of the lower limb as well as new clinical images, including CT scans, x-rays, and sonograms. The book also has a new graphic design with brighter colors of headings and section tabs.

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64954588099624430176 BRS Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Genetics, 5th Edition
Thoroughly updated for its Fifth Edition, this popular review book is an excellent aid for USMLE Step 1 preparation and for coursework in biochemistry, molecular biology, and genetics.Chapters are written in an outline format and include pedagogical features such as bolded key words, figures, tables, algorithms, and highlighted clinical correlates. USMLE-style questions and answers follow each chapter and a comprehensive exam appears at the end of the book.A companion website includes an interactive question bank with questions from the book and the fully searchable text.

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The Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need 6th EdI by Malcolm Thaler

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by:  Malcolm S Thaler
Now in its Sixth Edition, this popular, practical text presents all the information clinicians need to use the EKG in everyday practice and interpret hypertrophy and enlargement, arrhythmias, conduction blocks, pre-excitation syndromes, and myocardial infarction. It is an ideal reference for medical students in ICM courses, house officers, or anyone directly involved in patient care, whether student, teacher, or practitioner.

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Color atlas of otoscopy

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Color Atlas of Otoscopy : From Diagnosis to Surgery 
Publisher: Alessandra Russo | ISBN: 3131114916 | edition 1998 | File type: PDF | 156 pages | 10.4 mb
Despite advances in diagnostic techniques and imaging modalities, otoscopy remains the cornerstone in the diagnosis of otologic diseases. Every otolaryngologist, pediatrician, or even general practitioner dealing with ear diseases should have a good knowledge of otoscopy.


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Cochlear implants - fundamentals and applications

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  • Hardcover: 864 pages
  • Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (October 1, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0387955836
  • ISBN-13: 978-0387955834
  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches
  • "… Graeme Clark, author of Cochlear Implants: Fundamentals and Applications, was one of those early pioneers who was not discouraged by the establishment's criticisms or by initial failures. His lifetime of work has had enormous impact on the development and design of cochlear prostheses. Thus, Clark is well positioned to tell a wonderful success story that begins with some rudimentary hearing sensations evoked by electrical stimulation and ends with accounts of excellent speech perception by many cochlear-implant users. In his 830-page book, Clark describes in great detail the development of cochlear prostheses and covers all aspects of cochlear implantation. The first chapter provides a good historical summary. It begins with a vivid description of Alessandro Volta's 1799 current-injection experiment and follows with the competitive efforts that have led to commercial implants that are able to restore usable hearing to individuals who are severely to profoundly hearing impaired. Readers will certainly notice that the research contributions by Clark's group in Melbourne, Australia, are highlighted in the chapter titled "A History." In the remaining chapters, Clark provides a basis for understanding the challenges researchers face regarding the coding and transmission of acoustic information to the auditory nerve using electrical stimulation. These chapters address subjects including neurobiology, electrophysiology, psychophysics, speech and sound processing, engineering, surgical anatomy, and surgical pathology. The author describes in detail cochlear-implant surgery and the impact of the devices on patients' lives after implantation. The book concludes with his vision about important remaining questions and ideas for future research. … Cochlear Implants: Fundamentals and Applications, a vivid recollection by one of the pioneers in cochlear implantation, gives insight into the struggles of implementing new technologies to help hearing-impaired individuals. It also colorfully documents how the development of new technologies affects a field and its success."
    "This book, of about 800 pages, was written by the initiator and leader of the Australian cochlear implant. … presents basic knowledge in many fields involved in cochlear implants followed by exposition of applications to cochlear implants. … Very conveniently, each chapter can be read independently and thus the book is rendered quite attractive to a large readership. … this book appears as an attractive introduction to studies on cochlear implants by providing a particularly clear and wide overview of its many foundations." (Yves Cazals, Acta Acustica united with Acustica, Vol. 90 (4), 2004)

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Cleft Lip & Palate - From Origin to Treatment

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Majoradvances in the diagnosis and treatment of oral clefts have been made in the past 50 years, and recent genetics and epidemiological studies have led to new theories about the causes of cleft lip and palate. Addressing issues that are relevant to clinicians, researchers and family members, this book is a comprehensive, well-illustrated, and up-to-date account of the many facets of this common disorder. The authors describe the embryological and molecular mechanisms of cleft causation, present and illustrate the genetic and epidemiological methods used to identify risk factors for oral clefts, and describe treatments by the various professionals of the cleft team. A section is also devoted to the integration of research findings into public health practice, including ethical and financial considerations. The book draws together such diverse disciplines as craniofacial development, gene mapping, epidemiology, medicine, ethics, health economics, and health policy and management, and it will be an invaluable reference work.

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Emergencies in Urology 1st ed

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Emergencies in Urology, 2007
M. Hohenfellner and R.A. Santucci
ISBN-10: 3540486038
ISBN-13: 978-3540486039
This is a comprehensive textbook covering one of the few remaining blind spots on the map of urological literature. To date only a small number of publications have been dedicated to the topic of urgent and emergent problems in urology, important though they are in everydayclinical medicine. The editors are both internationally recognized urological experts and have made the effort to present an in-depth study into virtually every possible urgent urological situation with which a urologist may be confronted today. Thus the book includes chapters on topics such as urological trauma, urosepsis, urinary obstruction, oncological emergencies, intra- and postoperative complications, acute problems in children, and many more.

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Pediatric Urology 2nd ed

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Pediatric Urology
John G. Gearhart, Richard C. Rink, Pierre D. E. Mouriquand
ISBN-10: 1416032045
ISBN-13: 978-1416032045
Apply the best approaches in pediatric urology with advice from leaders in the field

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Pediatric Urology: Surgical Complications and Management 1st ed

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Pediatric Urology: Surgical Complications and Management
Duncan T. Wilcox, Prasad P. Godbole and Martin A. Koyle
ISBN-10: 1405162686
ISBN-13: 978-1405162685
This practical evidence-based textbook clearly addresses operative procedures and the prevention and management of common and rare complications encountered in pediatric urological practices. In the current climate of informed consent and medicolegal aspects of any surgical intervention, it is essential to give patients and their carers all the information available.

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Female Urology 3rd ed

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Female Urology
Shlomo Raz, Larissa V. Rodriguez
ISBN-10: 1416023399
ISBN-13: 978-1416023395

Clearly much thought has gone into its organization and compartmentalization, allowing this rather comprehensive book to be easily read and regularly consulted. The book also features a range of authors who have contributed to this dynamic field. The reader is ensured multiple perspectives and the wisdom of true authorities...All urologists reading this book should come away with a more extensive knowledge base regarding matters of female urology.

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Female Urology: A Practical Clinical Guide 1st ed

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Female Urology: A Practical Clinical Guide
(Current Clinical Urology)
Howard B. Goldman and Sandip P. Vasavada
ISBN-10: 1588297012
ISBN-13: 978-1588297013
Humana Press
The volume is divided into three, easy-to-follow sections. The first section, Evaluation, details the anatomy of pelvic support, the lower urinary tract, incontinency, and overactive bladders. The second section, Treatment, outlines treatments for stress urinary incontinence,overactive bladder, prolapse, and reconstruction. The third section includes case studies from various locales around the country, illustrating the proper techniques for the evaluation and treatment of problems relating to female urology. A thoroughly comprehensive and innovative volume, Female Urology:A Practical Clinical Guide will be of great use to busy clinicians striving for the most current methods of evaluating and treating dysfunctions in female urology.

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Urology: An Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis 1st ed

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Urology: An Atlas of Investigation and Diagnosis
(Atlases of Investigation and Management)
John L. Probert
ISBN-10: 1904392652
ISBN-13: 978-1904392651
Clinical Publishing

  • This BOOK presents a comprehensively illustrated overview of the techniques now routinely employed in the investigation and diagnosis of disorders of the male urogenital system.

  • It is organised by disease rather than procedure, so enabling the reader to review the techniques available and make an informed choice of the tests to be carried out in each case.

  • Topics covered include renal function, UTIs, BP and LUTS, Stone Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and cancers of the prostate, bladder, kidney and testis.

  • For each, the authors comment on the utility and correct use of appropriate investigations, including laboratory analyses, blood tests, histopathology, urodynamics and flowmetry, and diagnostic imaging.

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AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review

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AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review
Jay R. Lieberman
ISBN-10: 0892035986
ISBN-13: 978-0892035984
From your first Orthopaedic In-Training Examination to your Board Exam, trust the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to provide you with the best study aids designed for these testing situations-AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review and the Study Questions book. This review offers fully illustrated text loaded with color images, illustrations, and charts to enhance understanding. The bulleted facts format aids in learning and retention, and Top Testing Facts are highlighted in each chapter to focus your study. The Study Questions book with hundreds of multiple-choice questions and preferred responses drawn from current orthopaedic literature tests your knowledge.

Each book contains a unique password that gives you online access to the entire text and the Study Questions. Fully searchable content includes links to primary resources online.

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Macleod’s Clinical Examination Video 12th Edition

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The 12th Edition of this famous medical textbook, which was ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2006 British Medical Association Medical Book Competition, builds on the extensively rewritten previous edition. Over 500 clinical photographs and diagrams now illustrate the text, whilst new topics have been added to make the book even more comprehensive. A complementary DVD now accompanies the book, with specially-recorded videos demonstrating many of the clinical examination routines as they are described in the main text. The book is written by a team of editors and contributors who are all active clinicians and experts in their specialist fields, including in general practice where much of clinical teaching is now based. It describes the practical skills which every clinician must acquire and develop in order to evolve diagnostic procedures and management strategies and plans.
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Serology of Infectious Disease Syndromes

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Serology of Infectious Disease Syndromes
Lennette E.H
ISBN: 3909200117

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A.P.I. Textbook of medicine , 6th Edition

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The API Text Book was first published in the year 1969 and subsequent editions have incorporated advances in medicine as of that time. It gives me a great pleasure to present to you the much awaited sixth edition of the API Text Book of Medicine completely revised, updated and well illustrated. This edition has undergone major metamorphosis. Virtually every chapter has been completely or substantially rewritten and many new chapters have been added. A large number of chapters have been freshly written by authors different from those in previous edition, and the others have been modified and updated by the original authors. The book is divided into 26 sections. The new sections on genetics and diabetology have been introduced. The textbook is published by the Association of Physicians of India

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The Cytokine FactsBook 2nd ed

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The Cytokine FactsBook 2001
Katherine A. Fitzgerald, Luke A.J. O'Neill, Andy J.H. Gearing, and Robin E. Callard
ISBN-10: 0121551423
ISBN-13: 978-0121551421
Academic Press

Completely revised and expanded, this second edition of The Cytokine FactsBook is the most up-to-date reference manual available for all current well-characterized interleukins, cytokines, and their receptors. An additional 52 cytokines are included, doubling the numberof entries from the previous edition. The key properties of each cytokine are described and presented in a very accessible format with diagrams for each of the receptors.

The Cytokine FactsBook includes free online access to the regularly updated Cytokine Webfacts. Cytokine Webfacts is a web-based comprehensive compendium of facts about cytokines and their receptors that includes a variety of data representations, such as text, signal pathway diagrams and 3D images. This exciting resource is integrated into otherdatabases via hypertext links to provide a unique network, and contains a web-enabled version of RasMol for viewing structures.

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Roitt's Essential Immunology 10th ed

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Roitt's Essential Immunology
Peter Delves,  Ivan Roitt
ISBN-10: 1405136030
ISBN-13: 978-1405136037
Roitt's Essential Immunology has established itself as the book of choice for students of immunology worldwide. This excellent textbook is commonly regarded as 'the best of the immunology primers' and the eleventh edition remains at the cutting edge of this fascinating area of science.

The trademark of this book is its highly readable introduction to the subject, its emphasis on core knowledge and its excellent four-color artwork. The internationally renowned authors have extensively updated all aspects of the book to produce a new edition, which will be an invaluable resource to students of immunology and medicine.
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Immunobiology: The Immune System in Health and Disease 5th ed

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Immunobiology The Immune System in Health and Disease
Charles Janeway, Paul Travers, Mark Walport, and Mark Shlomchik
ISBN-10: 0815341016
ISBN-13: 978-0815341017
Garland Science introductory immunology text that focuses mainly on the adaptive immuNe response mediated by antigen-specific lymphocytes operating by clonal selection...features include detailed color explanatory diagrams and chapter summaries.

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The Cranio-Cervical Syndrome: Mechanisms, Assessment and Treatment 1st ed

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The Cranio-Cervical Syndrome: Mechanisms, Assessment and Treatment
Howard Vernon, Hening, Plotkin, Gibbon, et al.
ISBN-10: 0750644958
ISBN-13: 978-0750644952
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto. Provides a comprehensive resource for practitioners. Presents anatomy and biomechanics of this spinal region and how the neurophysiology of the area provides an understanding of the mechanisms underlying neck and head pain as well as balance disorders. DNLM: Headache--diagnosis.

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World of Microbiology and Immunology 1st ed

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World of Microbiology and Immunology 2003
K. Lee Lerner and Brenda Wilmoth Lerner
ISBN-10: 0787665401
ISBN-13: 978-0787665401
The entries are in alphabetical order with many cross references. Though there are no bibliographies with the entries, there are 13 pages of book and journal-article citations and 10 pages of Web addresses in the "Sources Consulted" section. This is followed by an 18-page "Historical Chronology" of milestones in human scientific achievement, showing how ancient (circa 10,000 B.C.E.) ideas eventually led to germ theory and the burgeoning of microbiology and immunology through 2002. The extensive, detailed general index indicates the main entries' volume and page numbers in boldface type. Sometimes the same page information is repeated in regular type, an unnecessary redundancy. Using the index one can find that the Irish potato famine is mentioned in the entry on Fungal genetics along with other similarly embedded bits of information. One important, but missing, finding aid is an index to the biographies, as browsing biographies is often a way to interest students in a discipline.

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